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A listing of multiple humorous and helpful posting about stinkbugs and how to defeat them in the current war against them.

Stinkbug Invasion Party Planning

Today’s sunshine has brought out a greater number of the enemy than has been seen in many months. Once again, windows are covered with stinkbug soldiers and our patrols must be increased to combat their numbers. And the most recent news from HQ is disturbing. Apparently, the invasion force is already planning a victory party. […]

Stinkbugs: The Truth is Out There

Finally, there seems to be an acceptance of much that those of us on the front lines already knew: 1. Stinkbugs are far more than a nuisance. 2. Stinkbugs are a threat of epic proportions. 3. Stinkbugs are nearly impossible to kill. 4. Stinkbugs are capable of birthing up to SIX generations per year. Of […]

Stinkbug Tower of Death Success!

After waiting patiently for the perfect opportunity to deploy my newest weapon against stinkbugs, last night found the enemy airborne and vulnerable to the lure of the light. As anticipated, they could not resist the draw and soon found themselves firmly mired in the trap’s tarry field. Success! Now, to acquire another of these weapons […]

Stinkbugs: They’re Baaack!

During the recent unseasonably cold, wet weather, the stinkbug enemy seemed to disappear, but we knew that they would return. The warm spring weather today brought out more than friendly forces to enjoy the sun here in Maryland. The stinkbug soldiers are again slithering past our perimeter to enter our stronghold. Luckily, new and better […]

Three Words About Stinkbugs

Stinkbug. Toilet paper.

Anti-Stinkbug Arsenal

In my ongoing quest for the most effective anti-stinkbug weapon, I have moved to the heavy artillery. I just received my first hanging stinkbug trap. I am eagerly awaiting the results of its trial-run tonight. I have been dreaming of hundreds of enemy soldiers drawn to this lighted tower of death only to be held […]

Kill the Stinkbugs…

Is it bad that I actually enjoy watching brown marmorated stinkbugs die slow, agonizing deaths? The thing is, I’m the kind of person that won’t kill spiders, loves snakes, and tries to put baby birds back in nests. Even when it is an accident or necessary, I hate killing anything. Correction: Hated killing anything. I […]

Two Words About Stinkbugs

Stinkbug. Toothbrush. © 2011 Lydia Whitney

Stinkbugs: They Are Breeding…

Despite intel reports to the contrary, the stinkbug horde encamped within the walls and crevices of my home IS breeding. I just captured a young scout – and I have seen many before whom I suspected were underage. I fear that they are not being drafted into the enemy army against their will, but are […]

They Will Dance On Our Graves

I saw this Gary Larsen Far Side Classic, and all I could think was that he had it wrong. It will be stinkbugs celebrating instead of roaches. Perhaps they will enslave the roaches to serve them. Regardless, stinkbugs clearly have a plan, and it does not involve our survival. So, we must fight back. I […]

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