Stinkbug Problem Solved…

No, not the one where we need to find a way to eradicate this invasive enemy from the planet – the other one. The one where if you so much as poke one of these odiferous intruders your hands will smell of their pervasive scent for hours.

Lysol®  has come out with Touch of Foam™ Antibacterial Hand Wash. It feels great, kills germs, and is the only soap I’ve found that will actually cover up that horrendous smell. I do say cover up, however, not remove. Instead of hands that smell like stinkbug, you have hands that smell of Lysol – despite the pretty lavender scent they use to try and hide their distinctive product odor.

Still, I would rather smell like Lysol than like the evil invaders! So, in the battle of Lysol Touch of Foam™ Antibacterial Hand Wash vs. Stinkbugs, for once these pernicious insects are the clear losers. I plan on keeping a bottle handy year-round.

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  • Sam  On January 15, 2014 at 8:56 pm

    I have to tell you we were having issues with stink bugs for a while my husband, after we found a huge bite on our daughter, took to collecting them all in a jar everyday after work and would either feed them to our fish in our pond or just put them outside. About 3 weeks of this and now we are essentially bug free only once in a while do we see them any more. Best part was catching them live made it so they didn’t smell. Sometimes the simplest solution works the best.

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